I chose to analyze a webgame called Spent, which is a game that puts the player in a position of unemployment and poverty. In the game, the character is a single mother who has just lost her job, her home, and only has $1000 left in savings. The player, who is the active agent, must figure out what to cutback on, or give up completely, in order for the mother and her child to survive. The main goal of this game is to make it through the month without going bankrupt.

The layout of the game provides a depressing, hopeless, atmosphere while the only sounds are limited to paydays, and user choices. Throughout this game, there are facts about the economic hardships that the US is currently facing. It explains how those with low/no income are forced to decide what’s important enough to spend money on, such as health insurance or their child’s $25 field trip.

I believe Spent provides a good representation of the hassles and choices that those in poverty are forced to deal with in their lives. At the end of the game, after standing in the mother’s shoes and feeling her pressures, the game asks the player for a $5 donation to those “living spent.” This was a good choice of the designer to add this to the end of the game rather than the beginning because the player now feels sympathy for those in need. Even the fact that the donation is only $5 reminds the player of how much something as little as $5 meant to them when they played.

I honestly teared up a bit after playing because it reminded me of what my family had to go through when they were younger. This game scares me because I am aware that after I graduate I’m already going to be in debt for every college loan that I’d taken out. I’m already afraid of the future, and this game only reassures me that, if I’m not careful, the future ahead could be a dark one for me.

Tutorial: Video Effect in Gimp

What’s up, Writing Through Media! This is how you can add some dazzle to your evidence achievement image. See the tutorial below:

I’m obviously aware that there may be a lot of other ways to do this, but this is a method that I MYSELF decided to use. So please don’t leave me comments saying “Weeell y u no do it dis way?? Dis way is better!” K thanks. ^__^

Tumblr Influencing Politics?

The internet has recently encouraged individuals with the same opinions, or no opinions whatsoever, to come together to either make their opinions stronger or, for the ones with no opinion, begin to take a side. Throughout the years, the power of this conformity has flourished, to the point where online communities could change a person’s beliefs all together.

For example, the recent presidential debates have spawned a variety of slanderous, sometimes entertaining, forms of media that express messages about the candidates. These messages could be positive (in favor of the candidate) or negative (against the candidate.) Some of examples of this are in the videos and images below:

Image Source: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mc25vkH1GP1qadvgho1_500.gif

Image Source: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mc0m13jDUa1refip4o1_500.png

I noticed that most of this media tends to be in favor of Obama. Could this possibly be contributing to Obama’s current success, and could it, in the end, have the power to alter the voter turnout?

While it is great that the younger generation is finally paying attention to politics, it is also a horrible situation because these individuals haven’t a clue why they’re supporting their candidates. In most cases they don’t know what their candidate’s ideals are or what they plan to do about issues such as the economy or controversial laws. Figuratively speaking, it’s like these individuals are jumping off bridges because their communities are. Sometimes I myself think these debates and presidential elections are just like fashion shows; people don’t pay attention to what is coming out of the speaker’s mouth, but they instead judge them on basis of appearance and word choice.

This may as well be the whole election.

Sonic Rainbooms EXIST!!!!


So NASA, you think these multicolored sky lights naturally occur in nature without any paranormal influences? Well, you’re gonna need to examine the big picture a bit more, because these rainbow explosions are OBVIOUSLY the work of a high speed SONIC RAINBOOM performed by the legendary pegasus pony herself, Rainbow Dash!! AND I FINALLY HAVE PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF!!

For those who don’t know, a Sonic Rainboom is when a pegasus flies so fast that it breaks the sound barrier and creates a sonic boom and a rainbow at the same time. I came upon this wondrous phenomenon as I was walking home from my Dramatic Literature class. I was so tired after taking a long exam that I was ready to collapse on my bed and sleep the night away. As I was walking, I just happened to be looking at the gorgeous sunset…when I suddenly saw her bursting out of a cloud at an incredible speed! Behind her trailed a rainbow, more beautiful than the ones people see in their dreams, and an explosive circle of vibrant colors within the cloud she’d departed from. It was a good thing I had my video camera on me from one of my art classes, because I did NOT want this moment to disappear without a trace. As soon as I turned the camera on and faced her direction…she was gone in the flash of a second. I couldn’t believe my eyes! “Am I really that sleepy…? Did that really happen…?” As the thoughts rushed through my mind, I quickly turned to a person walking near me and asked if they’d seen the vivid spectacle. They only looked at me, as if I were insane, and asked “What are you talking about?” I paused for a second, then calmly said “Nothing.” What I’d seen that evening floated in my mind during my entire walk home. When I got back to my apartment, I’d remembered about the camera. I pulled it out of my backpack and turned it on, expecting nothing but an empty dark blue sky. After watching it for a few seconds, I just shrugged and said “Just as I expected, nothing but the sk-WAIT!” I rewound the footage and freeze framed it at just the right moment, and there it was. Evidence of the legendary Sonic Rainboom.

RIP Ken Sansom


Just wanted to take the time to pay my respects toward a noteworthy voice actor. I honestly didn’t like Rabbit as a kid, but now that I’m older, I see why he was so uptight. Rabbit was the only one in the Hundred Acre wood who actually worked and tried to make a living.

Miss Amber WHO??

Pink…I like pink. Magenta, Cerise, Salmon, Fuchsia, and my favorite, Persian Rose. One might say the color pink is my signature color. Besides the many shades of pink, I also enjoy the presence of stars. If I didn’t live near a city, and lived miles and miles away from civilization, I would lay in a field or on a hilltop gazing at the billions of stars floating overhead and ponder how they all got there and why all of them were different. This is what MissAmberMay.com focuses on; not just the color pink or the mysteries of the stars, but the things that represent who I am. There can ONLY be one Amber E. May (figuratively speaking,) and that Amber E. May is me.

For my blog, I decided to go with the pink and star theme because, as I said, those are two major things that I love. At first for my header, I was just going to put my name and original headshot photo, but then I thought “Wait, that’s what everyone is doing nowadays.” So due to the stubbornness of refusing to be like everyone else, I decided to desaturate my face, but leave my pink highlights as they were. I later plan to add the tagline “Voice-over Artist” under my name because that’s what I aspire to be in the future (I didn’t add it now because, well, I’m not a voice-over artist yet, and I don’t have any “original” content to show.)

Now I can tell you why I chose the domain name MissAmberMay.com. First of all, there was already an Amber May website that dealt with a dating service in Salt Lake City, and I didn’t want to be associated with that. Secondly, I didn’t want the domain to be limited to only one discipline (such as AmberMaysVoiceovers.com) since I am capable of doing much more than voice acting or photo/video editing. I want some space to be able to upload anything from any subject matter; so don’t worry, my site wont be this empty for long.

The purpose of this site is to divert attention from my personal spaces, like my facebook, tumblr, or skype where I am less formal. I even plan to use this domain on my resume/business cards so potential employers won’t end up sniffing out false information about me. Although I have nothing to hide on my facebook (because I am aware that anyone can access such information,) I still feel that I should have a space where I can be formal and professional.  As Rushkoff explained in his article, the things we put online are permanent, can be seen by everyone,and represent one’s true self. So why take the risk of damaging your own reputation for the sake of damaging Jessica’s?

So now that you know who and what my website is about, let’s think about the stars again for a sec. From afar, all the stars look the same, and many of us may think they’re the same, however, just like snowflakes, every star is different; Some are small, some are large, some shine brighter than others, some are structured differently. Each human is like a star, and in the end, it’s up to the individual to decide whether they want to embrace their differences and stand out in the crowd, or if they want to appear just like everyone else. Psh, I don’t know about the rest of them, but I choose to cherish the fact that I’m a vibrant, Persian Rose colored star.