The New

Layout Changes

  1. Changing the background
  2. Changing the banner
  3. Making the banner randomly generate different images
  4. Changing the color of navigation menu from grey to white
  5. Changing the hover color of the navigation menu to blue
  6. Having the text of the current page be a different color than the rest of the text in the menu (Like if you were on the About Me page, the “About Me” text would be pink while the rest is still white)
  7. Changing the font of the 1st paragraph on the About Me page to 18px and adding a Cochin style
  8. Changing the font in the 2nd paragraph to 15px and adding a Chalkboard style
  9. Changing the 3rd paragraph to 15px and adding a Lucida Sans style

10. Having the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs be invisible until highlighted by changing them both to black text.

11. Changing the headers of all the pages to blue

12. Increasing the width of the black border holding all of the text so the text doesn’t end up squeezed together.

13. Changing all of the search boxes and comment boxes to pink has come a long way from the bus layout, just as I intended. In the beginning, my website was a barren wasteland that only consisted of a subdomain with only 1 or 2 blog entries. Once I began understanding how to use WordPress and CSS, I started to mold the site into a portfolio that suited my initial vision and one that I could be proud of.  Using 2 WordPress installations, I was able to separately control the appearance of the blog and main site and still have them remain connected. I want to first highlight the changes I made to the layout using custom CSS and plug-ins.


Before the guest enters the site, a splash page that shows pieces of the woman behind the site, greets them. Because it doesn’t yet show the full view of her, this just furthers the guests’ initial question of “Who is Miss Amber May?” Normally a splash page is a simple jpeg image, but in this case I decided to make it a gif.  Once the guest arrives on the home page, the most noticeable component that first catches their attention is the header. I got rid of the default Earth image and replaced it with a few of my own images. At first, I only wanted to have one picture of myself, but I ended up deciding to show the audience my many faces. This kind of mirrors the fact that I can freely perform many characters; which they will end up hearing on my Voice Acting page. To make the pages appear less boring, I changed most of the grey text into white and changed the hover colors of the navigation menu to sea blue. So the guest doesn’t forget what page they’re viewing, I went ahead and changed the text of the current page in the navigation menu to pink while having the rest of the menu items remain white. On the About Me page, I had the layout build into the context of the essay by having the text match the black background and only appear when highlighted, demonstrating how to see things in a different manner than what one is used to. The final significant change was that I changed all the search boxes and comment boxes to pink. There was no significant reason for this…Miss Amber May just likes pink. All of these changes are used to liven up the site’s overall appearance and to help the guests easily navigate the different areas.


I feel that the site is much more substantial than it was at the beginning of the semester, where it was just an empty layout with no content. I now have 2 extra pages on my blog, one to showcase my university projects and the other to showcase my voice acting skills. I’m really happy that I finally have the chance to display my demo reels on a platform that’s entirely mine, rather than having them hosted on someone else’s medium where it could possibly be taken down. By making this decision, I have created a designated space where I can send future fans or potential employers to view my handiwork. Although the vocal content is currently mediocre material that was done for fan projects, I can still continue to add to this space in the future as I improve my technique and become much more professional in the voiceover world. So basically, this material is just being used as a gateway into the real world; I have to start somewhere.

Overall I am content with how this website turned out in terms of content and form. Just as I stated in my first identity blog post, I wanted to produce my own personal area in which I can effectively demonstrate my true online identity.  Of course I would never post extremely personal content to this site, or any site for that matter, because I would never really know “who” the audience is going to be. For this reason, I ended up using different social media sites for different objectives. This site, for example, talks about a few details of my personal life and goals in a professional manner, while my Facebook does the same task in a less professional manner where the majority of the audience is friends and family. However, ever since I learned that it is far from impossible for an employer to view their employee’s social media presences, despite the endless private settings, I now understand that in order to keep a “clean” online presence, I must be a responsible individual by displaying acceptable behavior on every social media site that I’m involved with.