Sonic Rainbooms EXIST!!!!


So NASA, you think these multicolored sky lights naturally occur in nature without any paranormal influences? Well, you’re gonna need to examine the big picture a bit more, because these rainbow explosions are OBVIOUSLY the work of a high speed SONIC RAINBOOM performed by the legendary pegasus pony herself, Rainbow Dash!! AND I FINALLY HAVE PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF!!

For those who don’t know, a Sonic Rainboom is when a pegasus flies so fast that it breaks the sound barrier and creates a sonic boom and a rainbow at the same time. I came upon this wondrous phenomenon as I was walking home from my Dramatic Literature class. I was so tired after taking a long exam that I was ready to collapse on my bed and sleep the night away. As I was walking, I just happened to be looking at the gorgeous sunset…when I suddenly saw her bursting out of a cloud at an incredible speed! Behind her trailed a rainbow, more beautiful than the ones people see in their dreams, and an explosive circle of vibrant colors within the cloud she’d departed from. It was a good thing I had my video camera on me from one of my art classes, because I did NOT want this moment to disappear without a trace. As soon as I turned the camera on and faced her direction…she was gone in the flash of a second. I couldn’t believe my eyes! “Am I really that sleepy…? Did that really happen…?” As the thoughts rushed through my mind, I quickly turned to a person walking near me and asked if they’d seen the vivid spectacle. They only looked at me, as if I were insane, and asked “What are you talking about?” I paused for a second, then calmly said “Nothing.” What I’d seen that evening floated in my mind during my entire walk home. When I got back to my apartment, I’d remembered about the camera. I pulled it out of my backpack and turned it on, expecting nothing but an empty dark blue sky. After watching it for a few seconds, I just shrugged and said “Just as I expected, nothing but the sk-WAIT!” I rewound the footage and freeze framed it at just the right moment, and there it was. Evidence of the legendary Sonic Rainboom.

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