Tumblr Influencing Politics?

The internet has recently encouraged individuals with the same opinions, or no opinions whatsoever, to come together to either make their opinions stronger or, for the ones with no opinion, begin to take a side. Throughout the years, the power of this conformity has flourished, to the point where online communities could change a person’s beliefs all together.

For example, the recent presidential debates have spawned a variety of slanderous, sometimes entertaining, forms of media that express messages about the candidates. These messages could be positive (in favor of the candidate) or negative (against the candidate.) Some of examples of this are in the videos and images below:

Image Source: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mc25vkH1GP1qadvgho1_500.gif

Image Source: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mc0m13jDUa1refip4o1_500.png

I noticed that most of this media tends to be in favor of Obama. Could this possibly be contributing to Obama’s current success, and could it, in the end, have the power to alter the voter turnout?

While it is great that the younger generation is finally paying attention to politics, it is also a horrible situation because these individuals haven’t a clue why they’re supporting their candidates. In most cases they don’t know what their candidate’s ideals are or what they plan to do about issues such as the economy or controversial laws. Figuratively speaking, it’s like these individuals are jumping off bridges because their communities are. Sometimes I myself think these debates and presidential elections are just like fashion shows; people don’t pay attention to what is coming out of the speaker’s mouth, but they instead judge them on basis of appearance and word choice.

This may as well be the whole election.

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